EBB4SPL3 33/30 MAP24

Easton | 2024 | Split Baseball Bat | BBCOR | -3 Drop | 2 5/8" Barrel | 2 Pc. Hybrid

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TWO-PIECE HYBRID CONSTRUCTION | Stiff composite handle with a powerful alloy + composite-lined barrel for optimal performance COMPCORE TECHNOLOGY | Patented inner core technology combines lightweight composite with the strength of the highest performance alloy, resulting in a higher performing barrel with 30% thinner alloy walls PURELYNK CXN | Directly connects the handle to the barrel, allowing independent movement to eliminate vibration and maximize performance PRO-STIFF CARBON HANDLE | Extra-stiff carbon fibers create a solid handle, offering elite athletes a stiffer feel for enhanced performance OPTIMIZED SWING WEIGHT | S;ight end load feel with mass focused in the barrel providing more power to hitters CERTIFICATION | BBCOR

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