• New EvoShield Medium Warrior Evo Arm Pad White
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New EvoShield Medium Warrior Evo Arm Pad White

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The Warrior Evo Arm pads 2019 feature an all new upgraded softer feel and amazing arm sleeve that you might even forget you are wearing after a few minutes. Nice wide straps. Basically these are the high end of the intermediate and advancing youth market. High school kids that don't want to break the bank but still get collegiate level protection love these pads. Fully wrapping elbow cap shield and great wraparound forearm protection. You can't go wrong with these EVOs' for the price, quality and protection. Mid length, 9-piece construction provides a comfortable form-fit New Bone System built into the top side of the arm to deflect stick checks New Wartech FLX sleeve provides a soft comfortable feel with great flexibility

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