• New Other Scent Blocker Men's Drencher Pant, Realtree Edge Large
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New Other Scent Blocker Men's Drencher Pant, Realtree Edge Large

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Designed for hard core hunters who refuse to be limited, the Drencher series is made with waterproof, breathable fabric and it's cut flexible and mobile as the day is long. Quiet, soft Polyester Brushed Tricot Fabric provides maximum effectiveness in the field. Advanced S3 silver antimicrobial technology has silver ions that bind to and penetrate the surface of odor-causing bacteria on contact. These ions disrupt the microbe’s DNA, preventing the formation of odor which keeps the garments fresher, longer. The breathable material possess huge odor-adsorbing capacity and stands up to extreme outdoor weather conditions, making it ideal for hunting. Rainblocker technology provides protection from water and wind which is impermeable to outside moisture, while allowing perspiration from inside and dispersing it through the membrane system. Garment seams are heat sealed and secured with waterproof tape. The application of this apparel makes the user virtually invisible, as it blocks the scent and the pattern of the cloth helps to hide in the surrounding. This leads the prey to the trap/ shooting range. Hunting apparel will keep the user comfortable and protected in every season. Lightweight waterproof construction keeps the user dry. ScentBlocker delivers in-the-field performance that never fails. Stay cool, comfortable and scent free in early season heat with our lightweight and breathable designs.

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