• New Other STX STALLION 200 SHOULDER PAD Black/Yellow
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New Other STX STALLION 200 SHOULDER PAD Black/Yellow

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The STX Stallion 200 shoulder pad is designed for the beginner and advancing youth players that are willing to pay for a little bit more for much better protection and flexibility. The STX Stallion 200+ meets all NOCSAE standards for chest protection. The hard plastic shoulder caps give extra protection and extended coverage. We really love the big extended back coverage as well. Most manufacturers skimp here, but at this age the sticks are flying all over the place and you wnat to get your player the most coverage possible. Big, fat Velcro adjustment straps lock this pad around the ribs and the additional bicep pads allow for a custom fit and for more slash protection. The thing that really separated this starter shoulder pad is the size of the neck opening and the increased chest protection. Most are small and bind the player when they raise their arms. We chose this STX model because of the wide opening that gives better mobility with the helmet on and won't bind at the neck when running and catching.

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