L130K-FLR 33/30 Used

Used Axe Bat 2023 Avenge Pro Hybrid (-3) BBCOR 33/30 Baseball Bat 3-Piece Hybrid

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NEW Hybrid 3-Piece Construction: alloy power barrel + lightweight composite handle + NEW stiffer Shock Suspension connection which intercepts vibration at the connection point NEW Armor Enhanced Alloy Barrel: comes hot out of the wrapper and remains strong and durable for the lifetime of your bat NEW Precision Variable Wall Engineering: multi-wall barrel boasts a massive sweet-spot and next level power NEW Composite Hypership Endcap: sleek 2nd generation design reduces more weight for a faster, larger, and louder barrel NEW Flared Knob BBCOR taper design feels natural, works with all grip types, and frees your swing for top performance; includes Endogrid technology built in that absorbs vibration before it reaches your bottom hand, along with NEW Hypertack premium perforated soft-tack grip provides ultimate comfort and lux feel

  • Armor Enhanced Alloy comes hot out of the wrapper and remains strong and durable for the lifetime of the bat
  • Axe™ handle provides the biggest swing advantage in the game, giving you more speed, control, and the best grip
  • Charged Carbon Max handle brings lightweight speed performance to the very edge of the legal limit
  • Precision Variable Blastwall barrel boasts a massive extended sweet spot and next-level power
  • Endogrid™: soft, shock-absorbing material built into the Axe™ handle for more comfort
  • Composite Hyperwhip™ End Cap reduces more weight for a faster, larger barrel
  • Construction: 3-Piece
  • Swing Weight: Balanced

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