BB15X1 33/30 Used

Used Easton XL1 33/30 BB15X1 BBCOR Baseball Bat Orange 2015 Original Grip 2 5/8

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This is a Used Easton XL1. This is a BBCOR certified .50 Bat! Used, it has some scratches and a few cleat marks, in very good condition, has a new grip, The XL Series is designed for bigger, stronger hitters who derive their power from a bat with more mass. Bat Specs: ' 2 5/8" Barrel ' -3 Length to Weight Ratio ' 31/32 Inch Composite Handle with Performance Diamond Grip ' BBCOR Certified ' CXN Patented 2-piece ConneXion technology ' IMX Comp Barrel ' SIC Black Carbon Comp Handle

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