VCBN2 32/29 Used1

Used, Victus NOX BBCOR Baseball Bat: VCBN2 Black/Gray 32/29

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Power hitters will love this NOX BBCOR bat as it is designed with more mass in the barrel to allow for a high M.O.I. (requires more strength to swing) and maximum energy transfer. As mentioned earlier, it is a hybrid designed bat (alloy barrel and composite handle). Specifically, it combines a military-grade aluminum barrel and a composite handle. This two-piece bat has been designed to feature a stiff connection point (which Victus calls the 2SIX connection). That connection point should limit nearly all uncomfortable vibrations that could come when hitting a baseball. In addition, the connection should allow the hitter to feel like all the power they put into their swing is being transferred into the baseball. If all this technology weren't enough already, Victus has also implemented variable thickness in the barrel walls. Plus the variable thickness has been added without the presence of governor rings in the barrel. This should allow for excellent performance if a batter is consistently hitting the baseball anywhere on the barrel.

  • 2 5/8 Inch Barrel Diameter
  • Drop 3 Length-To-Weight Ratio
  • Slightly End Loaded Swing Weight (Mass Built Into The Barrel For Maximum Energy Transfer And A Higher M.O.I.)
  • Two-Piece, Hybrid (Alloy Barrel and Composite Handle) Baseball Bat Alloy Barrel Is Constructed From Military Grade Aluminum Ringless Barrel Design - Made With A Multi-Variable Wall Thickness. This Creates A Thinner & More Flexible Sweet Spot For nmatched Performance.
  • 2SIX (Two Smooth Impact Connection) - 2 Rings In Connection Point Eliminate Negative Vibration & The Threaded Link Between Handle And Barrel Provides Stiff Feel At Contact
  • Pro Tapered Handle - Allows For More Top-Hand Control & A More Comfortable Fit For Your Hand
  • Micro-Perforated Touch Grip Provides Extra Tack For Gripping The Bat

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